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2010 News

-Christmas 2010 - Due to the inclement weather the Christmas concert had to be cancelled. The NECB would like to apologise to members and their audience for any disappointment caused.

-3rd October 2010 - Joint Rehearsal with Cleveland Concert Band - On Sunday 3rd October 2010 the North East Concert Band were visited by 17 members from Cleveland Concert to take part in a joint rehearsal. The night got off to a grand start with 57 musicians making noise...oops music! All members from both bands had a great evening although it did go too quickly!!
Keith (CCB MD) and Ian (NECB MD) shared the conducting on the night and certainly earned a well deserved pint afterwards.
Nibbles and drinks were enjoyed by a few who went onto the pub afterwards before the members of Cleveland Concert Band had to make tracks back to Middlesbrough.  Thank you to all members of CCB who travelled up to Chester-Le-Street and we hope to see you again soon.
Take a look at the CCB website  for update and concerts -  Cleveland Concert Band

-5th September 2010 - Saltwell park followed by a social tea. - A nice day in Saltwell park with a good crowd cheering the band on.
As it was the last concert of the Summer a social get together followed in a pub nearby. Band Members enjoyed a great hot buffet and a good natter

-29th August 2010 - Amphitheatre, South Shields - Written by Abbie Stewart (age 10) - "On the 29th of August we thought it would rain but it didn’t. We needed to know if we would be playing at the Amphitheatre or not, we did in the end! The only trouble was that we weren’t sitting in the usual spot; which is behind the circle we were sitting somewhere else. We sat under the shelter because we thought it would rain also we were hoping the windows had glass in, did they? No!
It was extremely windy on the day and with us right next to the beach with no glass in the windows and wind so strong it wasn’t the most pleasant conditions.
The sand was going into everybody’s eyes (the people with contact lenses I feel sorry for).
After we got all set up we played our first half, we played about 10 pieces then it was break. By break everybody was freezing.
Whilst everyone was getting their HOT chocolate disaster struck! The wind had been getting stronger and knocked down loads of stands and instruments it was the worst conditions the band has ever played in. Because of the weather we got told to do just 20 more minutes then pack up if we wanted to and that’s exactly what we did!
The audience did a fantastic job of collecting the music which blew off the stands during play, I don't think we lost any!!"

-Summer Graduations 2010 - David Gray Graduated from Durham University after studying Modern Languages. Laura Lacey graduated from Newcastle University with Bsc (Hons) in Chemistry. Janice Stewart graduated from Northumbria University with Bsc (Hons) in Commercial Quantity Surveying after studying Part Time.

-New Members - We have had several new members over the last 10 months, all of which have been welcomed by the band and have proven to be valuable members.

Louise Davis -Joins us on Flute
Joel Davis - Joins us on Trumpet
Nicola Hunter - Joins us on Oboe
Rachel Percival - Joins us on Eb Clarinet
Frances Hastie - Joins us on Clarinet
Mike Lynch - Joins us on Bb & Bass Clarinet
David Gray - Joins us on Clarinet
Natalie Barnes - Joins us on Clarinet
Stephanie Brown - Joins us on French Horn

-August 2010 - 'A' Level Success - Congratulations to band members who have just received their 'A' Level results and are embarking on new challenges.

They have all achieved excellent results and are all going on to study at university.

Kate Hamilton - Is leaving us!! She is off to Edinburgh to study Costume Design. Kate will be missed, but is wished well in her future studies.

Jasmine Dakers - Is going onto study Geography at Newcastle University.

Lisa Davison - Is going onto study History at Newcastle University.

Laura Davison - Is going onto study Music at Newcastle University.

The band wishes all the girls good luck for their future studies and for those staying local please don't forget about us when you are having so much fun.

-11th July 2010 - Joint Concert with Chester-Le-Street Junior School Choir 

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