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Probably one of the oldest bands of its kind in the country with its origin lost in history, the band is said to have been formed by Lady Lambton from workers on the Lambton estate near Chester-le-Street well over 100 years ago. Earliest existing records referred to the registration of the Band as a Workmen's Club in 1893 under its old name The New Herrington Military Band. The word 'military' refers to the combination of instruments, being woodwind and brass. This was and still is a unique combination to the North East, an area dominated by Brass Bands. Between the First and Second World Wars the band was recruited en bloc as The Regimental Band of the 8th Btn. DLI Territorial, and in these years it played a dual role both as a TA Band and as New Herrington Military Band. In 1936, an agreement was signed with New Herrington Colliery, that Mineworkers in the Colliery should contribute 1d per week to band funds. In return the Band would represent the Colliery at Durham Miners Gala, May Day and other Labour Party celebrations. This agreement was terminated in 1971 when the colliery withdrew its support.

On the 25th September 1972, the name of the band was changed to 'The North East Show Band', rehearsing every Sunday morning at the White Lion Hotel, Houghton-le-Spring. On 19th July 1977, at the request of band members, the name of the band was finally changed to 'The North East Concert Band'. Today the band is established in the Chester-le-Street Community Association and rehearses every Sunday evening at 7.00pm. Band funds are raised from engagements, donations and subscriptions from members who come from all parts of the North East. There are currently over 30 members varying in age from 9 to 79 years and the bands musical repertoire is equally wide-ranging.

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